Transportes Otxango S.L Cluster headaches log out | topics | search moderators | edit profile acumedico-forum » other sub-topics/threads » cluster headaches « previous next » author message   sidney rosenberg username: sidney registered: 12-2003 posted on thursday, january 29, 2004 - 13:01:    hi shmuel, i have a cousin (raymond) in the uk who has a son-in-law who suffers from "cluster headaches". buy generic viagra Raymond suggested that i look up the symptoms of this problem on www. viagra (bayer e glaxo) Clusterheadache. canadian viagra buy online Com. buy viagra online I had heard of this problem before but had no idea just how painful and debilitating it is to the suffer, far exceeding that of the worse migraine. viagra without a doctor prescription Raymond's son-in-law claims he has tried acupuncture without success. benefits of viagra on women I should be most grateful if you could detail an tcm approach to this problem. Viagra canada stores With many thanks. Sidney rosenberg   shmuel halevi posted on thursday, january 29, 2004 - 13:43:    well, sidney, if you analize the signs and symptoms of cluster headaches according to ch. buy viagra online cheap free shipping Med. Tools, there is no one etiology that you could attribute this disorder to, categorically. It probably involves liver qi and blood energetic mechanisms, as it is located around the eye and temple. viagra dla kobiet 2011 It is also characterized by abrupt attacks, sometimes appearing and disappearing very quickly, it is associated with alcohol in many occasions and with emotional predilection towards anger or depression. Side effects viagra use young men The abrupt nature of the disorder is typical of an energetical phenomenon of liver yang exuberance which may be the outcome of liver blood stagnation. That may also explain the high occurrence of this disorder in people who have had history of traumatic injuries, head operations etc. Yet, such an acute phenomenon may sometimes involve also other energetic systems in the body, most likely those of the heart, kidney and stomach. In such cases there may be also other symptoms and signs involved, symptoms that may even take precedence over the basic liver/gallbladder characteristics. best time day take viagra daily use A sudden burst of liver yang, for instance, may cause a splitting headache around the eye and in the same time inhibit the heart functioning thereby causing bradycardia and palor. benefits of viagra on women A symptom that may shift back to normal as soon as liver qi regulates itself again. In any event, this is definitely a difficult type of headache for treatment, and i am not surprised that your relative has failed treatment. A very sharp diagnosis must be done in such cases, as well as a very high skill in acupuncture. benefits of viagra on women Even so, success rates may not be high. Viagra online review online pharmacy Add your message here post: -color- black red green blue yellow purple orange cyan gray white -font- arial courier symbol times verdana -size- smallest (-2) small (-1) normal large (+1) largest (+2) username: posting information: this is a private posting area. buy viagra online Only registered users and moderators may post messages here. discounted viagra Password: options: post as "anonymous" enable html code in message a. viagra cost bc