Transportes Otxango S.L Circumcision scar from wikipedia, the free encyclopedia jump to: navigation, search     in males who have been circumcised, the circumcision scar refers to the scar after a circumcision has healed. cheap generic viagra In some cases, the scar can be darker-colored, and, in all cases, it will encircle the shaft of the penis. price of viagra in south africa Contents 1 appearance 2 problems with the scar 3 see also 4 references [edit] appearance the scar, which completely encircles the shaft of the penis, is located at the boundary of the outer foreskin and the inner foreskin remnant, which is the portion of the foreskin that was not removed during circumcision. trusted on line sites to buy viagra This foreskin remnant is mucosa that lies between the glans and the circumcision scar, which results in dissimilar tissue healing together. normal mg viagra In adult circumcision part of the frenulum may remain intact. generic viagra canada The foreskin remnant is dried mucosa and can often have a different color and texture than the rest of the penile skin. It can be pinkish or light-colored, and it can be covered with keratin to protect it from a dry environment. cheap viagra online india Recent circumcised scar resulted from gomco clamp distinctive brown ring scar resulting from neonatal circumcision using the gomco clamp method errors in circumcision may cause a gap in the circumcision scar the type of circumcision scar relies on the technique that was used. Some circumcised men have a prominent or uneven scar, whereas in others it is less noticeable. cheap viagra The appearance of the scar can be reduced through the process of foreskin restoration. A completed restoration normally results in the circumcision scar being completely hidden from view on the inner surface of the regrown prepuce. viagra pills [edit] problems with the scar there is some controversy as to what happens to the severed nerves of the foreskin at the scar. viagra pills tackle Xin et al. (1997) suggest that nerves regenerate, forming new receptors. [1] however, pathologists cold & taylor (1999) report: "histology of the male circumcision scar shows amputation neuromas, schwann cell proliferation and the bulbous collection of variably sized neurites. viagra headquarters located Amputation neuromas do not mediate normal sen. buy viagra without prescription